Profile of a legendary guitarist


Michael Fath has established himself as a truly international phenomenon with a staggering range of instrumental recordings that have featured unparalleled versatility with both acoustic and electric guitars.

Mesmerized audiences and critics alike have taken note of the seemingly impossible manner with which one artist can freely blend the classical, roots, and jazz idioms, and be so vastly encompassing in his mastery of an instrument.

In his junior high school years, Michael's evolving musical genius led him to quickly become an outstanding classical trumpet player later in high school, having also participated in classical piano studies.

Michael started his path to guitar mastery also at an early age, and played in various rock groups throughout high school and college.

At age 21, Michael began his jazz guitar studies with BILL BIESECKER, which has been an outgoing labor of love even to this day.  He later began his formal classical guitar training with the renowned JEFFREY MEYERRIECKS, continuing for a five year period; and, during this same time frame also beginning flamenco guitar in depth with CARLOS RAMOS (PACO DE LUCIA'S first teacher), and later with the internationally renowned grand master PACO DE MALAGA.


In 1977 Michael's exceptional wizardry and versatility caught the eye of chart-topping R&B duo PEACHES AND HERB and this led Michael being promptly summoned for their 1977 international tour.

As prestigious as that engagement proved to be, Michael is first and foremost a musical force of awesome magnitude.  This compelled him to form DC's much acclaimed rock band WIZZARD, and later the legendary ORPHAN!

In the mid-80's, changing his career's conceptual approach from his predominantly vocally oriented progressive groups to "instrumental focus", Michael began a vast series of recordings, procuring several label contracts leading to the release of over 25 albums to date.

This new century has Michael on fire with an amazing burst of newly intensified focus and creativity with both his critically acclaimed solo jazz releases and performances, and his jazz/rock fusion group recordings and concerts!