Want a college scholarship for guitar?

November 3, 2014

You high school guitarists that are serious about the possibilities of studying in college on a full or partial scholarship, please pay attention. Just because you may be one of the better players in your school, or even region, doesn’t mean that some kid from someplace you’ve never heard of isn’t more motivated to get that university grant; and, has had the proper training to play what the college professors auditioning you would like to hear.

Having helped several of my private students obtain these elusive awards, both in jazz and classical guitar, and having instructed and performed in schools such as Berklee College of Music, Duquesne University, etc., I know how to teach and prepare players to gain a much greater chance.

While these financial honors are extremely competitive (just getting accepted into a university’s music program can be challenging, never mind getting any money), just as with athletic and scholastic scholarships, they are indeed possible.

When one, for example, is playing a jazz standard, unaccompanied (normal audition procedure is at least two: bossa nova, ballad, swing, blues, etc.), it’s going to take more than a competent rendition; you will have to play interesting chord substitutions, solo with scales of which you very likely have no idea, and have a very astute rhythmic flow to your presentation. Added to this, a reading test will be administered, as well as your knowledge of music theory.

All said, I could help you achieve this. Take the plunge and study with me; someone who has seen and done it; and, gathered professional jazz, rock and classical critical acclaim!

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